Find 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

The requirement of a WordPress magazine themes comes handy to people are about to start their own web page or even a blog, new themes can be of great help in that case. Particularly with the upcoming of new websites and the increasing interest of blogging rising among people, uncountable number of blog pages and web pages are being created on a daily basis. WordPress magazine themes provide them with new and the latest type of themes.


  • Minimalist

This theme is the best option for people who are willing that their readers should focus more on the content, as it is a very clean and simply formatted template design. This theme is designed by mythemeshop. In this theme, advertisements also appear on the side panel as well as on the header and footer. The design of the theme is quite appealing and attractive for the users.

  • Sensational WordPress magazine theme

This theme is for people who are looking to add more colors and give the website a vibrant feel. This theme has 10 colour schemes available with it. This also provides access to 30 web fonts on Google. The user also gets a number of custom widgets and short codes which gives a better appeal to the website.

  • Codilight

This theme is better in case of blogging sites. It helps in presenting the written content in a very unique way. The design of the template is quite elegant. There are a number of spaces where advertisements can be placed so that the user can make maximum profits. The theme gives a nice effect whether seen on a tab or on a mobile screen.

  • Zind

This theme provides eye –catching color combinations as well as designs. It is a good option for blogging site, particularly creative blogging sites. It also provides users the option of loading on custom logos. Custom selection can also be made on the header and footer colors, and also uploading custom background images.

  • Blogphix grid magazine theme

The theme has one of a kind grid based layout. The theme is based on 1140px grid. It is completely fit for mobile screens as well. Users can select from more than 300 Google web fonts. In total, it has 9 templates and each of them having a distinct look.

  • CNEWS responsive magazine theme

This theme is best suited for review web pages, blogs or even magazines. The homepage of the theme can be customized completely, offering high configuration.

  • Goodnews

This theme provides the user with simply unlimited number of layouts, widgets and offers a fully responsive design. Users can select from about 500 web fonts on Google. There is also no limit to the number of color options.

  • Crumble

It is a theme which can be handled with ease, offering a responsive support. There are custom widgets that are twenty four in number. Unlimited number of color skins can be made on this theme. There are 4 types of formats available on this theme.

  • Harpoon

This theme provides user with easy handling and provides portfolio themes. Header placements are available in the selection of three different placing areas. A number of modifications can also be made to the background as well.

  • Axiom

This theme is based on dark color scheme. It offers the users 7 types of custom widgets and 3 types of templates.

The WordPress themes and designs of the websites, blogging pages have to be new and latest keeping in view that the readers are attracted to it. So, special attention needs to be given to the theme when going for a new web page.

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