10+ Resources For Learning Web Design And Development

Web designing is popularly becoming a fast – growing industry. Whatever is they type of business people are into; every type needs a website to promote its products and services to form a larger client base. There are different resources with the help of which one can learn to design and develop websites.

  1. HTML & CCS

The beginning has to be done with the basics only and HTML and CCS are the fundamentals of web designing. HTML is popularly known as the “Hypertext mark –up language”. It is the starting point of a web page.

CCS, which is known as the cascading style sheets, helps in adding different types of styles and formats in a web page.

  1. Photoshop

Whatever is the style, design and type of your web page, Photoshop provides quality graphics to any web page. It also helps the user in editing photos and printing and web designing.

  1. Grid system – designing the web

The grid design helps to evenly align elements on a page. This gives the web page an even, simple and a clean look. In this system is present usability, which includes making the web page user friendly by allowing better site navigation for the user. Many sites are present which enlist web designs which any can browse and see.

  1. Content Management System (CMS)

Managing the content on any web page is equally important. This system provides better management of the content that is written on a website. Different forms of this system are used in cases of blogging sites etc. Some of these systems are provided free to the users whereas others are paid. Some of the common ones are Drupal, Magneto and Shopify.

  1. Firebug

This helps to pinpoint areas quickly which requires editing. This is basically an extension of FireFox. It can also inspect the HTML and CCS of a given web page.

  1. Comp Fight

It helps to detect images instantaneously in web design mock –ups. This is basically known as a Flickr search tool for photos.

  1. Web Typography

This helps in the arrangement of fonts and proper spacing of lines on a web page. It also takes into account anything that makes the view of the web page better. Other factors that are seen by this are screen resolution of the page and designer fonts etc.

  1. Measurelt

This is also a type of FireFox extension which measures the pixels on any type of a web page. It performs this by drawing a ruler on the page and checking its width, height and the alignment of the page.

  1. Panic Coda

Panic coda is available only for Mac. It helps in editing files and is a very reliable and recommended one.

  1. VMWare Fusion

This is also an application for Mac only. It basically helps to run the installations of Windows on Mac.

Knowing about the basics of web designing can help anyone improve their web pages and make it look all the more better and attractive.


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